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Sport Psychology

Applying sport psychology to help leaders, coaches and athletes to deliver high-performance in a people-first environment.

Developing healthy, high performance environments

Sustainable success in performance sport is dependent not only upon the physical, tactical and technical skills of individual athletes but upon their mental approach during training, preparation and competition.

Increased levels of professionalism and associated pressures for outcomes can also have a significant impact on management and coaching staff, who in turn influence athletes.  It can be difficult to balance these demands to create a cultural environment that promotes high performance while recognisting, even at the elite level, that athletes are people first.

Rob Robson’s blend of experience as a sport psychologist, organisational development consultant and operational leader means that he is uniquely placed to work with people at all levels in the performance ‘system’ – on the field, court, track, pool or boardroom – and create  sustainable performance.

Working with Organisational Leaders in Sport

Rob can help you set the strategic environment and ensure that, as leaders, you are creating the climate that enables your performance and coaching staff to work effectively.

Working with Coaching and Performance Staff

Rob can develop your knowledge and skills, helping you and your teams to first manage your own motivations, emotions and behaviours to create an high-performance environment; to better understand and respond to the needs of your individual athletes; and to build high-performing teams.

Working with Athletes

Rob can help you to adapt your motivations, manage your emotions and deal with stress, to become more a confident, resilient performer. He can also help you to develop more effective relationships with team-mates



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Rob Robson, Sport Psychologist

Rob Robson, Sport Psychologist


Rob Robson is a BPS Chartered Sport & Exercise Psychologist, organisational consultant and former HR Director.

As an expert in Reversal Theory, Rob specialises in working with the dynamic relationship between motivation and emotions, to develop individuals, teams and organisations.

Rob’s sports clients have included Sport Ireland Institute, British Triathlon Federation and UK Sport.

Rob also puts his own principles into action by competing in masters swimming, and he holds multiple British Records.

Based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, Rob consults on-site and remotely.

Contact Rob on +447799476918 or hello@8connectpeople.com.

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