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Shifting mindsets, enabling change

The future is evolving in dynamic and unpredictable ways. It's time to embrace more radical change.

Mindset is the key to real change

If you focus narrowly on behaviour change, the best you’ll get is compliance. If you want to transform your business, you’ll need to change hearts and minds. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

In a rapidly changing and unpredictable business environment, you don’t have time to waste. 

Transforming your business – achieving radical change – takes more than changing the way people do things. It means making shifts in how they think, feel and then what they do.

If you’re up for the challenge, we can help you to:

  • Create more compelling change & engagement strategies
  • Developing more impactful change leaders
  • Cut through resistance and win hearts & minds

Experts in adaptability

We use a psychological framework that provides a map of motivation and emotions, that allow us to quickly get to the heart of the issues around change, develop precise insights and turn those into strategies that unlock change.

We’ve done the hard yards on complex, difficult transformations and led operational teams through change. We’ve lived to tell the tale and learned important lessons along the way. 

change perspectives

Find new answers to old problems

Why doesn’t change management work?

Actually, we believe in the value of change management. In the hands of skilled people, we don’t doubt that change management methodology helps.

But.. ..while motivations drive change, transformation programmes tend to be driven by budgets, project plans and targets. As a result, change management gets very processy, mechanical and uninspiring. Pushing water up a hill.

Our aim is to add a fresh perspective to change management, boosting your efforts, helping your change leaders create more impact, more quickly.

Our Articles 

Employee Voice: Why Listening Matters

Employee Voice is a term that I've been hearing more of recently, and when I was asked to speak at an event on the subject by the Employee Engagement Alliance recently, it was with the brief of talking about the science of listening. It's obvious that it’s important...

What is a Change Agent and how do I become one?

Ok, so what is a change agent and how do I become one? These two questions came up in a recent conversation I had with John (a pseudonym) who was looking for a new opportunity. My answers to John, based on my own perspective and experience, follow. They may not be...

Navigating the Emotional Waters of Change

The Relationship between Emotions and Change Management It's clear that emotions and change management are inextricably linked. How we feel about the change drives our behaviour, which is why you'll often hear people talking about winning "hearts and minds". Yet, the...

Developing a strategic change capability

The increasing pace, complexity and unpredictability of change means that being able implement change consistently will determine your future competitiveness. A strategic change capability is the extent to which an organisation is equipped to deliver...

Brexit: “No Regrets” Steps to Change Readiness

There will be winners and losers from Brexit, and the winners will be those organisations that can adapt quickly and efficiently. I propose the following no-regrets steps that, even in the unlikely event that Brexit doesn’t happen, will leave your business better equipped to deal with change.

How attractive is your change Vision?

Two important elements of a Change Strategy are the Case for Change and the Vision. While the former outlines the reasons for moving from the status quo, the Vision creates an attractive destination for people to move to. Having recently suggested eight questions to...

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Emotional intelligence is a key competence for roles requiring leadership, influence & collaboration. Find out how the Apter EMotivation toolkit supports EI.

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I’m a big believer in the idea of providing a great employee experience, but am concerned that it’s becoming another Employee Engagement. An industry, a tick box exercise. An opportunity to sell software.

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