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The Apter ToolKit

Motivation and emotion enabling adaptability for performance and wellbeing in a changing world

A contemporary approach to coaching & development that enables adaptability

Adaptability is critical to thrive in an increasingly complex and dynamic work environment. The Apter toolkit enables it

The Apter Toolkit is based on a fundamentally different view of people which emphasise and enables change and adaptability. It does this by focusing on the link between motivation and emotion (Emotivation), which opens up new perspectives and opportunities to optimise performance, improve relationships and enhance wellbeing.


8Connect Consulting is the sole UK Partner for Apter Solutions

A versatile & comprehensive toolkit

Because it is based on broad motivations and emotions, the Apter Toolkit has many potential applications, in coaching, training, leadership development and enabling organisational change.



A diagnostic framework for solving complex problems

While many coaching and development tools merely describe personality, the Apter toolkit’s diagnostic focus provides insight and opens up multiple potential solutions.


What’s in the Apter Toolkit?

A comprehensive framework and tools for coaches, consultants and trainers, the Apter Toolkit includes psychometric, digital and game-based tools.

The Motivational Styles Inventory

A psychometric profile that identifies the motivations behind emotions, behaviour and performance, enabling clients to explore different mindsets and ways of being.


Inventory Emotivation Coaching Card Game

Helps get to the heart of the issue by shining a light on emotions and their motivational drivers, providing a structured approach that opens up new possibilities for change.



360° Motivation & Performance (Leadership)

Helps leaders become more aware of their own motivations and behaviours, but more importantly what kind of a climate they create and how this impacts upon the people around them.



Quick Climate Tool

Provides an instant snapshot of the mood in a group or team, to open up discussion, facilitate problem solving or simply to take a temperature check during training.



Developing Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a key competence for roles requiring leadership, influence & collaboration. Find out how the Apter EMotivation toolkit supports EI.

Motivation, Emotion and Leadership – Apter Emotivation

The fundamental aim of leadership development with the Apter Toolkit is to enable managers and leaders to adapt their leadership style to meet the needs of their team in a given context. Both of these variables are dynamic and increasing in change and...

Coaching with Motivation and Emotion – Apter Emotivation

Coaching with Motivation and Emotion Performing at work means dealing with a greater variety of more complex and dynamic challenges on a day-to-day basis. It is, therefore, unsurprising that stress is becoming a more common experience at work. What is the Apter...

Developing the Whole Person (The Problem with Personality Types)

If you’ve been in the corporate world for any time at all, it’s likely that you’ll have been on a development programme or training course that included some kind of personality profile.  We’re talking MBTI, DISC, Insights, FIRO and a whole host of tools that measure...

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