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The Apter ToolKit

Comprehensive framework and toolkit for coaching and training that emphasises and enables adaptability for performance and wellbeing.

Enabling adaptability

The Apter Toolkit enables adaptability by focusing on the link between motivation and emotion as dynamic aspects of human personality and experience.

This radically different perspective opens up new ways of being to:

  • Optimise individual and team performance
  • Improve emotional wellbeing and manage stress
  • Develop more effective, engaging leaders and managers

Why adaptability?

Adaptability is a critical capacity for dealing with an increasingly complex and dynamic work environment. Some of challenges that require adaptability include:

  • Transitioning into a new (or bigger) leadership position
  • Dealing with or embracing organisational change
  • Managing competing or conflicting demands at work
  • Engaging diverse groups of people
  • Performing in a complex, high pressure role


How does the Apter Toolkit help?

By focusing on the inherently dynamic relationship between motivation and emotion, or ‘Emotivation’, the Apter Toolkit provides unique insights and opportunities for creating change for individuals, teams, leadership and organisations.

    The Apter Toolkit builds on over forty years of research into Reversal Theory and benefits from links with a strong and active scientific community. Apter coaching tools have also been used in world-leading businesses and in elite sport.


    What’s in the Apter Toolkit?

    A comprehensive framework and tools for coaches, consultants and trainers, the Apter Toolkit includes psychometric, digital and game-based tools,.

    The Motivational Styles Inventory

    A psychometric profile that identifies the motivations behind emotions, behaviour and performance, enabling clients to explore different mindsets and ways of being.


    EMotivations Coaching Card Game

    Helps get to the heart of the issue by shining a light on emotions and their motivational drivers, providing a structured approach that opens up new possibilities for change.

    Leadership 360° Feedback

    Helps leaders become more aware of their own motivations and behaviours, but more importantly what kind of a climate they create and how this impacts upon the people around them.


    Quick Climate

    Provides an instant snapshot of the mood in a group or team, to open up discussion, facilitate problem solving or simply to take a temperature check during training


    Apter Certification Training

    As a certified Apter practitioner you and your clients will benefit from the full power and versatility of the Apter framework and toolkit.

    Because the framework represents a very different way of approaching human personality and performance, our training programme offers depth in both theory and application. It will equip you to bring an innovative perspective to your client’s challenges, enabling their adaptability, resilience and emotional intelligence.

    Certification Training Dates

    Stage 1: Trainer Certification

    Monday 23/9 PM – Webinar

    Thursday 26/9 all day – Classroom

    Monday 14/10 PM – Webinar

    Thursday 17/10 – Classroom

    90 Minute Skype review – Individually TBC


    Classroom sessions will be held in Leamington Spa / Warwick


    Stage 2: Coach Certification

    Monday 11/11 PM – Webinar

    Thursday 14/11 – Classroom

    Thursday 10/12 – Classroom

    TBC – Classroom (Certification Review)


    Article: Developing the Whole Person

    What are the challenges of using types and traits in coaching and people development? Why are some personality profiles inherently limiting?

    Read more about our views on personality profiling. Furthermore, learn about the underlying principles behind the Apter Toolkit and why it offers greater potential to create change.

    Coaching with Motivation & Emotion

    Performing at work means dealing with increasingly complex and dynamic challenges on a day-to-day basis. It is, therefore, unsurprising that stress is becoming a more common experience.

    The Apter coaching approach helps people to become more adaptable, to manage their motivations, emotions and performance in changing and challenging situations. 

    Motivation & Emotion in Leadership

    The fundamental aim of leadership coaching with the Apter Toolkit is to enable managers and leaders to adapt their leadership style to meet the needs of their team and situation.

    Both of these variables are dynamic and increasing in change and unpredictability, making leadership a complex business.

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