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Our consulting approach is grounded in a psychological approach that emphasises motivations and emotions as inter-related drivers of change and performance.


We apply psychology to enable change and performance: with individuals, teams and organisations. Our focus on motivation and emotion as dynamic elements of human qualities are especially effective in developing the adaptability and resilience of organisations and their people.

Our diagnostic approach will help you to precisely define problems, cut through complexity, open up and highlight the solutions available and enable you to take action.

Every project is unique and tailored to your business objectives and context. However, if we work with you it will normally involve one or more core elements:

Insights Development

Penetrating the heart of the issue to develop precise, actionable insights that will help to drive more efficient and effective people initiatives: Transforming engagement, performance and wellbeing.

We use qualitative methods to precisely define the issues, which we can then quantify if required.

People & Change Strategy

Stimulating fresh thinking and helping you to develop impactful strategies that energise people and enable business performance.

We connect insights to the wider strategic context to co-create strategies and solutions that inspire confidence.

Change Implementation

Ensuring that you effectively engage the hearts and minds of your people, build confidence and deliver results from change.

We use our expertise in change management and psychology to make sure that people initiatives deliver.

People Development & Coaching

Harnessing motivation and emotion to help people become more self-aware, adaptable and resilient performers and leaders 

We provide learning experiences that enable people to tackle challenging situations with confidence.



The outcome is a people strategy which is fit for the future, fits the needs of the business and delivers for our people; I’m excited to see the results we deliver

People & Customer Director

Leading High Street retailer

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About 8Connect

We are a People & Change consultancy.

We harness motivation and enable people to take on complex, transformational and unpredictable challenges.  


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