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Motivational Styles

The Apter Motivational Styles Inventory helps individuals, teams and leaders adapt and find new ways of being to promote performance and wellbeing

The Apter Motivational Styles and the Apter Toolkit is based on an innovative model of human personality, called Reversal Theory, that suggests that we are more dynamic, adaptable and flexible that many psychological approaches suggest.

The report does not put people into a particular category or type but instead highlights different motivations that we all use more or less often and can think of as ‘ways of being’ or as resources that we can draw upon to adapt to different situation.

Adapting our motivations for performance and wellbeing

 In essence, we find different situations satisfying or frustrating, and there are two main ways of dealing with frustration. One is to keep trying, which may be stressful and unproductive without the right strategies and resource to effect change. The other is to change your perspective, or motivational style, and experience the whole situation differently, perhaps allowing you to use different skills.

In either case, becoming more aware of your motivational styles will help you to adapt or cope more effectively.

The AMSI supports organisational learning and development in a number of different ways, making it an excellent tool to support performance and wellbeing outcomes.

Individual performance & wellbeing

The  AMSI can be used in training or coaching to help individuals:

  • Understand their own motivations and how they vary over time
  • Become more aware on a daily basis, of what drives or frustrates them in their actions, reactions or thoughts
  • Understand the benefits of different motivations in different situation, so that they can
  • Manage their performance and wellbeing by adapting their motivations to changing situations

Management & leadership development

In addition to managing their own motivations as individuals, the AMSI can help managers and leaders:

  • Gain a better understanding of how their own motivations influence their response to the different people that they manage
  • Appreciate the diverse range of motivations that exist in their teams, and how to work with those motivations effectively
  • Understand how they might influence the motivations of people within the team (and other stakeholders) to maximise engagement, performance and wellbeing of team members

    Team effectiveness

    The AMSI can help team development by:

    • Discovering the ways in which different team members currently motivate themselves
    • Highlighting how those different motivations contribute to team performance, in different situations
    • Identifying undervalued or underutilised team members, by changing perceptions within the team
    • Helping individuals contribute more to the team by accessing different motivations
    • Supporting the team as a whole to become more adaptable by matching their motivations to the demands of the environment

    Apter Certification Training

    By being a certified Apter practitioner you and your clients will benefit from the full power and versatility of the Reversal Theory framework and the Apter Toolkit.

    Because the framework represents a very different way of approaching human personality and performance, our training programme offers depth in both theory and application. It will equip you to bring an innovative perspective to your client’s challenges, enabling their adaptability, resilience and emotional intelligence.

    We are currently in the process of planning open courses from September 2019.

    Join a free webinar or contact us for in-house and open training programmes.

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