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Helping business leaders create environments that enable people to adapt, thrive and perform in times of change

What’s top of your performance agenda right now?


Helping leaders create an environment that engages and enables people to perform in changing conditions


Developing strategies that engage hearts and minds, turning change into transformation

Employee Engagement

Energising your people, enabling them to bring their whole selves to work and perform to their potential


Understanding and managing drivers of stress and wellbeing, and building organisational resilience

Business leaders and their people are dealing with an increasing pace, unpredictability and complexity of change at work today:

  • Digitalisation, AI and automation mean that new or different skills, such as collaboration, adaptability and creativity are at a premium
  • Increasing diversity of needs and expectations among employees means that leaders must flex and drive inclusion
  • The fight to attract and retain talent is placing a greater focus on the employee experience and its impact on wellbeing

While at the same time being accountable for results, managing efficiently and staying compliant. The “new” demands on managers and leaders are in addition to and in tension with the “old”.

This means that whatever your role, the ability to adapt your state of mind to perform in different situations has never been more important.

And for leaders it also means creating environments in which people can adapt, thrive and perform in times of change.

Our consulting services, tools and learning solutions support this goal by harnessing mindset, emotional experience and behaviour.

Our work: Changing mindset to transform performance

Mindset drives performance, acting as a lens through which we perceive events, influencing our emotional experience and, consequently, our behaviour.  These relationships form the basis of our work. 

Our map of this motivational system helps us diagnose issues and create strategies to align mindset, experience and performance – how we think, relate, feel and act – to strategic objectives.



A shared experience of our work environment, climate  influences mindset.  Shaped by many factors, but most of all by leadership, we see climate as the starting point for cultural change.



Mindset is a basic building block of performance. Dynamic and changeable, it acts as a lens through which we perceive our environment and influences emotions and behaviour.



We all experience emotions and they have a powerful effect on performance. Directly linked to mindset, emotions are brilliant for diagnosing performance issues and for designing impactful engagement strategies.



Behaviour is the part of the system that is easiest to see, the tip of the iceberg. Behaviour change of some kind is normally our goal, with climate, mindset and emotion the means to that end.

Our Articles 

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Employee Voice is a term that I've been hearing more of recently, and when I was asked to speak at an event on the subject by the Employee Engagement Alliance recently, it was with the brief of talking about the science of listening. It's obvious that it’s important...

What is a Change Agent and how do I become one?

Ok, so what is a change agent and how do I become one? These two questions came up in a recent conversation I had with John (a pseudonym) who was looking for a new opportunity. My answers to John, based on my own perspective and experience, follow. They may not be...

Navigating the Emotional Waters of Change

The Relationship between Emotions and Change Management It's clear that emotions and change management are inextricably linked. How we feel about the change drives our behaviour, which is why you'll often hear people talking about winning "hearts and minds". Yet, the...

Developing the Whole Person (The Problem with Personality Types)

If you’ve been in the corporate world for any time at all, it’s likely that you’ll have been on a development programme or training course that included some kind of personality profile.  We’re talking MBTI, DISC, Insights, FIRO and a whole host of tools that measure...

Developing a strategic change capability

The increasing pace, complexity and unpredictability of change means that being able implement change consistently will determine your future competitiveness. A strategic change capability is the extent to which an organisation is equipped to deliver...

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Where are the emotions in Employee Experience?

I’m a big believer in the idea of providing a great employee experience, but am concerned that it’s becoming another Employee Engagement. An industry, a tick box exercise. An opportunity to sell software.

New coaching toolkit partnership with Apter Solutions

It has been an exciting week this week, with Rob heading to Paris to spend some time with the Apter Solutions team and discuss a partnership that will bring the Apter coaching toolkit to the UK in 2019.The Apter Toolkit, based on Reversal Theory, includes a 'card...

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